Which came first ?

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The composition of John Dalkin (= “Heaven’s Gate”), an Architect living and working in Birmingham, England, that composition is a good metaphor for the job of thinking. A thinker has to choose. He makes rankings of IMPORTANT vs. not very important. A thinker concentrates. Minimalism is a part of good thinking. We have to step up to make the things more abstract, leaving chronologies and details, names and places. Talking about history is a good exercise for to feature abstract results. Of course some questions are a sort of tautology. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was God the first? Who made God? Is there a God? What is important? To solve that question I sometimes watch the increasing tag fields: – sometimes there is a red egg in the crowd.

red circle sign photo by frizztext

We can’t get good results of thinking, if we are not able, to make the results more abstract. We can’t be satisfied by describing, talking, writing, if we only follow the simple rules of chronology, drunken in details. We have to rank things, finding, what is important, what not. What has been a success, what failed and is to blame. There are some visual compositions, trying to describe the structures of creative thinking: John’s red EGG or my red circle sign. Do not think (and act) in circles. Will the circle be unbroken? Yes, I hope so, walk a line. Walk YOUR line 🙂

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