STRUWWELPETER by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann = my first book ever, my first possession. I never owned a house, a boat, a horse – but some books. Recently I was surprised discovering my very first comments written in this book – I was aged 5. My favorite philosopher Theodor W. Adorno wrote in his “Minima Moralia“: “In his text, the writer sets up house… For a man who no longer has a homeland writing becomes a place to live…”
my comments:
2 – The_Story_of_the_Inky_Boys: “BÖSE” = EVIL (racism!)
3 – Augustus, who would not have any Soup: “Suppenkasper”
4 – Harriet and the Matches: “DUMM” = silly
5 – Little Suck-a-Thumb: “DAUMELUSCHER” (Daumenlutscher)
6 – Cruel Frederick: “SO KEHT DAS!” = that’s the way it goes (P.S.: isn’t it like the first step into philosophy?)

Merry Stories And Funny Pictures

Shock-headed Peter

Cruel Frederick

The Dreadful Story of Harriet and the Matches

The Story of the Inky Boys

The Story of the Man that went out Shooting

The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb

The Story of Augustus, who would not have any Soup

The Story of Fidgety Philip

The Story of Johnny Head-in-Air

The Story of Flying Robert


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