Japan – one year after

How to make life safe? Maybe there is nowhere a 100% method…
photo by kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
Watching TV-documentations ONE YEAR AFTER the catastrophe in Japan, a special BBC movie touched my heart: JAPANESE children after Tsunami: the OKAWA school disaster: BBCドキュメンタリー「津波の子供たち」”Japan’s children of the tsunami ”: The primary school classes stayed one hour waiting in line on the school yard, while teachers were discussing what to do. Surviver: only one teacher who climbed up the hill located directly behind the school yard – and a few pupils, caught out off the waiting line by their mothers, they drove away with their private cars. There was time enough for all to go up hill! But the dialogs between the teachers lasted too long! Sometimes to protest vs. the group rules is the only method to survive. Maybe in Japan there is too much subordination. Tepco tried to hide too much wrong decisions over many years before. No one had enough courage to resist. One year after the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disaster international medias are trying to see more clearly, what could optimize the conflict management. In the following youtube video I was impressed by a little girl, who said: “When I am older I will study nuclear sciences and I will find something like a spray vs. dangerous radiation to protect people …”


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