I like all the drawings of verittyy, I like to take a bath, I like to kiss a crocodile’s nose …

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2) “sad song time” by verittyy / Verity Robson
sad song time
Radio STREIFLICHT (Sueddeutsche Zeitung,
tägliche Glosse)
white crayons+a cup of tea
3) “white crayons” by verittyy / Verity Robson 4) “a cup of tea”
an umbrolly+love the beatles
5) “an umbrolly” 6) “love the beatles”
I like the simplicity and the humor of Verity Robson, England. Such a great concept! Cheap but full of intelligence. I always adored the French cartoonists like Sempe or Bosc, or the German Loriot, even Ungerer from Belgium, Yrrah (Harry) from The Netherlands. But Verity Robson seems to show, that you don’t need a giant talent to make us smile. Even a little distance, slow down the goals, live with a low down budget. You don’t need an umbrella. Draw an umbrella and you will safe.
I would like to have a daily cartoon by umbrella
– like I write in this postaday2011 campaign of wordpress
– like I hear on the internet radio daily (in German),
some funny thoughts about daily life:
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung, tägliche Glosse)
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art and cartoon
RIZZI pocket calendar
RIZZI permanent
like James Rizzi

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