this land is your land!

I played THIS LAND IS MY LAND already 50 years ago – but it is still in my heart.
(photo above: me with Dobro guitar walking through the green, green grass of home)

Many famous musicians created wonderful versions – yesterday I discovered this on youtube- with 1-Arlo Guthrie, 2-Willie Nelson? (1988!), 3-Bruce Springsteen, 4-Taj Mahal, 5-Emmylou Harris, 6-Little Richard, 7-Bono, and then: John ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp and his band, “Sweet Honey In The Rock” etc.:

maybe it is not very clever, to destroy with battles between Republicans and Democrats a good image. Obamacare: In Europe health care for everyone is standard (in India, Africa and the US it seems not).

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