Life of Pi – movie review

Life of Pi” a movie (at first a novel by Yann Martel) about myth, religion on the one hand and the power of reason on the other hand. The message: sometimes we do need myths, religions, believe in a God, if we need much courage and resilience to overcome bad conditions; on the other hand: step by step human intelligence, use of reason will be the best strategy. Using the fiction of a shipwrecked survivor, together with a tiger in a rescue boat, the audience can follow with all related emotions those typical challenges, often described in myths, bibles etc.: Jonah in the whale, Odysseus, Titanic disaster, Robinson Crusoe: the script is a compendium of quotations, walking through history and ballads, composed knowing the long line of human culture in several continents and centuries. Do not dream too much, don’t get lost in too much optimism, leaving the cinema! My blog follower Rita Banerji in Calcutta told me, that the victim of the New Delhi gang rape in December 2012 just came from consuming this movie – and then entered without any argue the bus of those idiots. But the Bollywood movie is not really guilty for that failed reality check. At the end of the film (when the insurance sends two persons, to make an interview, trying to bring a light in the drama) the cinema audience gets the hint, that in every human being is a hidden cruelty. Do you remember the plane which crashed into the Andes? Those, who survived, had eaten other passengers. Even the pope agreed, that sometimes we do not have an other choice. The history of mankind, the history of struggles and failures is long. This movie maybe will become a metaphorical evergreen fragment like the myth of Sisyphus (Albert Camus was mentioned in this cinema product)…

Z = ZOO (Tiger's pool is like green soup)
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as I played with my grandson on the carpet, somehow the movie mixed in …

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