Bottleneck Slide Guitar

me playing bottleneck and open tuning slide style on my resonator (Dobro) guitar; I’m an alien in Germany with this approach – they usually expect to hear Bach, Beethoven, Wagner (I suppose)
bottleneck guitar
photo via by Frizztext

one of my current idols, (oh I have a lot to learn on my old days – I’m 66):
the German (Ostfriesland) guitarist Oliver Jüchems = Jesseblues’s Channel – playing like the masters of Blues guitar 1920-1930:

feed back by maistora on my flickr photo stream:
“Cool slide work – no, I don’t think this is so strange in Germany. There was always a solid blues and roots-music following there, and many musicians grew up with these styles, became masters in such techniques and even established their own ‘flavours’… I think even you are part of that movement 🙂
In my student days I’ve jammed with lots of (then East) German bluesmen, and they were really good. More recently, I found this cool slidework and interesting story. If you don’t already know it, you’ll enjoy it!”

I have to admit indeed: this style of music has crossed the borders:
a young lady Coco bird / Chihana in Urawa-city, Japan, plays it very well:

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