Corruption And Riots

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comment by frizztext: Greece actually has debts of 60 billions – on the other hand 45 billions are transported to Switzerland and other countries in the last two years by private (rich) people in Greece, who decided to avoid to pay taxes. Of course such a corruption makes a nation bankrupt.

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I hate violence, I’m influenced by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who hoped, that there would be an evolution of law and liberty, an evolution of discussion and worldwide connection: that it would be not necessary to act with violence.
But if there is really a development of law: Why it is possible for the Greek minister of defense for example to take (for his own personal profit) hundred of thousands Euros from a German weapon factory (= Bakshish / bribery) without any problems in his country? In Germany the big spender got a hard sentence by the judges. Law systems must be able to stop corruption!!!
Another case: Few days before Christmas the German Mr. Merckle made suicide staying without move on a railway track. What was the reason? He just had lost 200 million Euro. The German president Christian Wulff had not told publicly, that Porsche would buy Volkswagen… (informations: by the magazine DER SPIEGEL).
Good that we have web.2 and liberty of newspapers (at least still in Germany). But I miss some clear reactions by politicians or lawyers. Nothing. President Wulff in Berlin, though accused by the family of Merckle for that 200 Millions trouble and the loss of the father: he will not quit his job. The law system does not react like Immanuel Kant wished …
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