Breakfast at Starbucks

For all of us a beautiful day begins with a relaxing breakfast. Of course, one should entertain our four-footed friends too. Who wants to enjoy breakfast alone and lonely. Starbucks Café is a good choice if you were alone at home …
Breakfast of Starbucks & toast
title=”Breakfast of Starbucks & toast” – photo by Jlhopgood, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr. She comments herself: “ok, he didn’t really have the coffee and was only allowed a little toast! […This guy was a total sweetheart, incredibly tame. Miss him big time but can’t fail to smile when I see his photos – he was my little star, an amazing hamster. After he died there was a huge hole in my life]” At first I discovered her photo via the gallery
a reader from Croatia commented (below): “mmmmmmmh not sure I want to share breakfast with one of those…” I replied: “But our cat would!”
my favorite old grandma cafés are those where cats are part of the interior – maybe Starbucks had this idea with hamsters? Though, on the other hand: big dogs are forbidden in my country to come into shops of butchers … – maybe because there would immediately start a battle for sausage?
For sure: I would be a strong, successful guard of my cake vs. a hamster!
[But I often had no chance to defend my cake in street cafés against pigeons and sparrows – kind of flying hamsters! Late night maybe bats are coming?]

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