Riding On A Rocket

Working with our Personal Computer we do not need anymore a pencil-sharpener or a stapler / stitcher / tucker; we don’t need a blotter and his blotter paper – hey, we are writing faster than ever, we don’t need a postman, some thin airpost-letter-paper, or a slow postship: my father once was proud of his pencil-sharpener like a medieval knight was proud of his sword and shield. But then came the pistols and canons. I feel like riding on a rocket, when I’m writing nowadays …

photos by frizztext; click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries (and to read the commenzts there)…
thanks for permission to use some old-fashioned objects of his bureau tools collection in his shop-window-museum at Karl-Marx-Allee 74, 10243 Berlin: to Malte Jablonski, www.Buchhalterfabrik.com

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old-fashioned communication technology

to write with a pencil is like walking barefoot on the ground – whereas a PC with wireless technology is like a two mach airplane at least:
SR-71 & F-106s
title=”SR-71 & F-106s” – photo by Tim Heinse = “Alabama Geographer”, on Flickr

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