Roaring LUCILLE as loud


Sometimes my wife, a professional photographer, had the job, to shoot some series for LP or CD covers. It was a funny experience for her to organize that automobile, the chains, the brick wall. She even got permission, to shoot some of the photos in a prison nearby. Of course not the real BLUES BROTHERS appeared. It was a double-thing. On the other hand: That provokes me to consider how dangerous it is to imitate. The danger of loosing your own identity. The danger to focus on applause, to do those things, others want. But real art is inspired by our inner self, the floating river of thoughts, not framed by demands from outside. Though on the other hand, I like to play guitar for myself: – but I’m feel more and more, that it is a wrong way. Better to develop distance, better to focus on silent photographies or thought-provoking words than to fall in the deep well of pop music. Reading the blog of hugmamma I found a funny Youtube video, introducing somehow the same topic: featuring a marionette performing LUCILLE – with all those attitudes of a pop star! Of course we childishly also would like to roar LUCILLE as loud as the tiny puppet on the strings can. We would like to dominate the stuff, giving the microphone the best position. We maybe would like, after the big applause, to go down to the audience, and kiss some of the beauties there – watch the funny video:

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