Global Peace Index

NY, security routine by Frizztext
NY, security routine, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

Following the “GLOBAL PEACE INDEX” the US actually is ranking between Gabon and Bangladesh (US on position 82); ISRAEL: 145; RUSSIA: 147; IRAQ: 152 (nearly worst position – Somalia last position: 153);

ICELAND: first place, most peaceful country; JAPAN: 3, CANADA: 8; GERMANY: 15, INDIA: 135, PAKISTAN: 146; TURKEY: 127; NEW ZEALAND: second peaceful place (but I’ve heard of many suicides) – decide, where you would prefer to live or make holidays.

Ranking 2011, top ten: Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, Norway – ranking on the last position (153): Somalia, not a country for vacations …

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