Guitar Soundtest

I like to play guitar – and I’m still searching
for a tolerable sound [I’m using cheap headphones] –
which guitar would be your choice ?
1 – Dobro from China,
2 – concert guitar from Spain,
3 – Gitane from France,
4 – Gibson, nylon strings, from USA

me on my electric guitar, but playing a beginners’ standard for classical guitar:

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1 – msamaclean:
The Dobro has that unique sound & reminds me of younger days, when a friend would play hers. The Gibson has its mellow tones & is a pleasant, softer sound. Hard to choose, but love to hear you play them all.
2 – frizz reply
thanks, msamaclean / Melanie, the classical guitar was left in my home by my Spanish guitar teacher from Valencia, when she needed money to pay a flight to far away, the red Gibson is a remembrance to a Polish friend, the Gypsy to friends in the Netherlands – and so on … – and of course, Will Wilson, you are right, asking: Doesn’t the choice depend on what is being played? – I’m amused, that the Kazoo-sound is mentioned several times: you wouldn’t applause no more, if you would be forced to listen to such a noise one or two hours 🙂
3 – Vladimir Dimitroff / maistora
Nice little video – very well recorded and edited! I already knew your cool collection, but it’s great to see – and hear them in one place.
Yes, each one is best choice for a specific style, but if it has to be just one, I’d go for the gipsy as most ‘universal’ (if there can ever be such thing). I’ve played Bach on a Dobro and have bent the hell out of nylon strings playing blues on a classical – but such things are too obviously ‘ not right’ and everything would feel a lot more comfortable on the Gitane.
(The kazoo is very cool but you should leave it out on this occasion to allow the guitar to be heard better for the comparison)
4 – frizz reply
I will count the votes!
till now:
A – Dobro, China – msamaclean
B – Classical, Spain – krabami, cardwellpics, will wilson, GUIB_DID, artLesley*, fifichat1, Pierre
C – Gitane, France + kazoo – whosjaja, akbar, cardwellpics, jackeeadio, GUIB_DID, bumbas, Pierre
D – Gibson, USA – msamaclean, will wilson, Blunder, bumbas
5 – Will Wilson
Doesn’t the choice depend on what is being played?
6 – frizz reply
O.K. which of the titles do you like?

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