Soul Food by Duncan Peters

As we have the term “soul food” in music for sure something similar to this exists in photography. Duncan Peters, if he makes a portrait of a woman or a cat, even of an old abandoned car: he captures something like a soul staring into our eyes. As a blues guitarist I feel a congenial mood, watching for example his three pictures below:
1 – Dodge
2 – Smoking
Smoking     {Explored Jan. 12/2013}
3 – Get well soon
Get well soon.
all three photos by Duncan Peters, Toronto, Canada – click on the images to enter his galleries on flickr
below: me, self portrait, as a greeting to Duncan Peters, who discovered my daily guitar-videos:
Mississippi Delta Frizz (Selfportrait)
above: frizz, trying to approach the timeless art of the old masters of blues guitar P.S.: daily ranking stats of my guitar instrumentals friendly organized by dopiaza – the most interesting first: guitar videos


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