Inspectors Coming

THOUGH BY WHIM, ENVY OR RESENTMENT LED, THEY DAMN THOSE AUTHORS, WHOM THEY NEVER READ. [Charles Churchill, 1732-1764, about criticasters] – Actually I’ve published a book via blurb, featuring some of the thoughts, comments, discussions and statements of my daily blog: fragments and feedbacks, June-2013 US $12.10
inspectors are coming
comment by “ilargia64” = Amaya at “No Frizz!!!! Did you really take this one????”
frizz reply: as they came over the hill, staring at me, I suddenly remembered my father. He was an inspector.
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a photo by ilargia / Amaya herself, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT:
Alepo.Old City
The point of view (and the colors) to feature this castle in Alepo (there is war in Syria) gave me a flashback to Franz Kafka and his dark stories. My father was an inspector in the administration of my country. They do not like to answer to any questions, they just act: hidden …

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