About Various Kinds Of Slavery

I enjoyed the movie – and the gospel group with banjo (I’m searching for their name); I play the same repertoire on my banjo and I believe, the idea for the film-script was influenced by the aim to feature the feelings of “how you feel if you are sold” = the subtitle of the book which the little black boy was reading in his bed. “Amazing Grace” was in focus too with the lyrics: “I was blind but now I see” – I enjoyed the movie very much because the plot introduces various kinds of slavery: to be adopted (I was adopted too), to suffer under kids with sado-maso games; to live in a false marriage etc. – the gospel group, appearing like an ancient Greek chorus, was the frame of this statement of existentialism: ending in the decision to run away…

“SYKT LYKKELIG” (Happy Happy) – trailer

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