No Guns Needed

a new mission soon
title=”a new mission soon” photo by foxysangels143, on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

She proudly wears her high heels like a Samuel Colt his six-shooter revolver … – Once John Lennon and Yoko Ono made an art event related to the slogan MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. Since them I am amused about the fact, that a gun (or a photo camera for “shootings”) often is used as a metaphor for penis. Flickr-member “foxysangels143” in Paris made some related illustrations with esprit! I think Sigmund Freud would make applause to that sexy humor, if he would be still alive!

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mistic texture me part 1+like my handbag
title=”mistic texture me part 1″ by foxysangels143 + title=”like my handbag” by foxysangels143
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title=”colorme1″ by foxysangels143

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