Contract Restrictions

I’ve heard from a female Hollywood movie screenwriter (who wrote the story of “When Harry met Sally“? Nora Ephron), that she at first was asked to sign a contract, that the story must be acceptable for girls aged not older than thirteen. The Hollywood film makers try to reach all generations to have a big profit. But that is a restriction for too many adult topics. It makes the communication childish.

photo by Rahim Abu Laban, currently Damascus, Syria – click on the picture to enter his flickr photo stream or visit his website – I’ve read there (“about”), that he would like to study on a film academy… frizztext-P.S.: It is very sad, what we must watch actually in Syria. Let us hope, that the blood shed will soon have an end. A shocking rough reality, for sure not a topic for the dream factories in Hollywood, Babelsberg and Bollywood.

actually Angelina Jolie took the risk to produce a movie about the war in Serbia – I fear there will be no great interest in the USA
New York Times: “in-the-land-of-blood-and-honey” by Angelina Jolie

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