Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

As a tribute to September Eleven attack 10th anniversary…
1Adorno2old paper
3raindrops4Remember September 11
some friends of my photo pool created some textured versions
of my helicopter flight shot of the World Trade Center
BEFORE the attack …
1 – texture: crows by JO, Norwich, England
2 – texture: old paper by Olli Kekäläinen, Finland
3 – texture: raindrops by Olli Kekäläinen, Finland
4 – texture: vintage frame by Catherine, France
twin towers
This photo originally was taken on July 24, 1996 by Frizztext
Nine Eleven changed:
politics and emotions,
magazine essays and small talks,
military budgets and death toll stats.
Changed the level of angst and aggression.
Result: less multiculturalism, more hate.
Who will put an end to the clash of civilizations?
Nobel Prize for HIM.

September Eleven Thoughts

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