JAPAN – apocalypse

Tsunami hits Japan after 8.9 earthquake and causes major damage. Tokyo Skyscrapers are built well, but more than thousand people dead, four trains missed, a problem on a nuclear power plant is not under control! Sometimes we wish to live high above on a mountain top – or we wish we could save all souls on earth in a boat like Noah did …
the photo below is by Yukinori http://www.flickr.com/people/violet321000/, he lives in Tokyo; we wish him to have strong nerves …
view from St. Luke’s Tower
title=”view from St. Luke’s Tower” by Jasmin・゜゜・*:, living in Tokyo, Japan, originally uploaded on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

Fantasic city TOKYO゜゜・*:
Fantasic city TOKYO゜゜・*: Originally uploaded by Jasmin・゜゜・*: sent to my group BLOG IT!


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