Triptych: Wasting Time

three self portraits, featuring me: playing guitar, driving through my hometown, napping with my grandson:
triptych was created with bighugelabs, mosaic maker
1. bottleneck guitar
my passion: to play guitar
2. fixed in hometown traffic
me in the hanging train of my hometown Wuppertal
3. out-of-danger
me and my grandson, wasting time …
click on the triptych (all portraits shot by my wife Barbara) to enter the frizztext galleries at
I’ve been inspired to create this page by the comments of ShimonZ, Jerusalem, who showed interest discovering my personal life – photographically I’ve been inspired by flickr’s EXPLORE feature:
wasted hours
title=”wasted hours” by spitting venom, click on the triptych to enter her galleries on
as tool for a triptych you maybe can use

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