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Every Tuesday, step by step, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had “N” (visit tagged n), so this week we have “O” – I’m sure you’ll find a story or a short reflection tagged with “o”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “O”!!! Myself I’ll feature O for otters:


There are panic states of mind as rage and anger, headless escape or silly enthusiasm; there are cooler states of mind like humor or ignorance, irony or simply: to care for each other. I’ve learned, that sea otters are holding hands, when they are sleeping: so the loved one cannot drift away…
The Unbearable Cuteness of Being
photo via flickr.com by Wolfy (Pete) Hanson sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection… – Wolfy (Pete) Hanson created as title for his photo: “The Unbearable Cuteness of Being” – his comment: “Two sea otters engaged in rafting behavior… They do this to keep from drifting apart while resting.”

OTTERS, holding hands:


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