Send off Concert at City Hall

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The photographer Geoff Quinn, who supported the choruses and was a helping hand by the kids’ side on their journeys, he wrote:

So this was an extraordinary moment for these kids — first because these two choruses — the San Francisco Boys Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus — joined together so that they could sing at the inauguration of Barrack Obama. And because all of San Francisco’s city government turned out for them at City Hall. After this performance the first wave of kids flew into Washington, DC. Something of a miracle to get last minute flights. The United States Marines helped out (for the boys) by giving them a gymnasium floor at a marine base at Arlington National Cemetery. Quite a site seeing little kids and Burly marines (and special operations guys) lined up to get their morning bacon and eggs. Then there they were singing before a cheering crowd estimated at 1.6 million and millions on television. Three of the little kids told me “I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life,” and it was certainly true. At the airport, on the way out, an elderly Afro-American woman in a wheelchair with her attendant beckoned the boys and gathered them around her. She told them that they should remember this historic day (which they would) and then said that their singing had moved her and would remain forever with her.


frizztext, talking about bad education-systems in Germany:
It takes discipline to make a good education. I can tell you, in Germany things are going wrong in the schools. Not enough discipline. Too many pupils in one classroom. Not enough respect, following an authority. More and more parents manage to escape the bad situations in public schools. They decide to send their kids into private schools. The officials in Germany fail to organize public schools with wisdom. Germany, compared with other European nations, is ranking on bad positions. They have to import educated workers from other countries (where they seem to have still good public schools).


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