Too little money for schools, too much for the military. Too little for projects of women, too much for the men’s games. Too little for public libraries, too much for religious houses. Too little for the care, too much money for the fight.
Sourires de Conakry - 27
title=”Sourires de Conakry – 27″ – photo by jmvnoos (= Jean-Michel VOLAT) in Paris, on Flickr, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

Education produces results.
Sometimes it is necessary to leave such a system,
to reach the land beyond those fences.
1Saturday Morning2End of the Arirang mass game - Pyongyang North Korea
3Miss Mouna smiling under her veil, Salalah, Oman4Die Deutschen
1 – Little girl with father in bakery – photo by Will Wilson
2 – North Korea producing joy-dancers – photo by Eric Lafforgue
3 – Veil duty for women in Arabia – photo by Eric Lafforgue
4 – German boy focused on an uniform – photo by Giancarlo Rado

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