you can use to upload photos for free or youtube to upload videos for your wordpress blog. today I joined vimeo for free to compare with youtube. I still don’t know how to upload mp3-audio-files for free…

I am a photographer, guitar player and daily wordpress blogger. I have the permission to feature this couple, climbing up some walls in BERLIN. The music in the background is played by a friend of mine, a great piano, vibes and bandoneon player – and me on guitar. I hope you like it…

also on vimeo, for example: Sandra Bullock:

related: pub music event in my hometown, also posted at vimeo by ruhrkanaltv / claus barteczko:

Hattingen LIVE 6 from Ruhrkanal TV on Vimeo.
Informativ zusammengestellt! Mein persönliches Highlight in diesem Film bei 19:04, das instrumentale Gitarren-Solo von „Sympathy to the devil“, Dennis Hormes & Rob Collins im Café Auflauf!

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