San Francisco Bay Blues

I like to play finger style acoustic guitar inspired by the old blues masters of the Mississippi Delta 1920-1940. I’m happy, that the harp player Gernot Baur often collaborates by remixing and adding his harp to my solo guitar tracks on soundcloud or wikiloops.

title=”Timeless” – photo by Geoff Quinn, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

Geoff Quinn, who daily passes this bridge early in the morning and late in the evening, he has published a professional calendar featuring the Golden Gate Bridge. And I’ll never forget his related stories: about his wave riding experiences while welcoming the Queen Mary II or his funny stories about the brown pelicans there – or the sad, sad stories about the suicides … young people jumping from the bridge – for the blues lyrics I’ve chosen one of his blue pictures …

I got the blues when my baby
left me down by the Frisco Bay;
An ocean liner came and took her away.
I didn’t mean to treat her bad,
she was the best gal I ever had;
She said good-bye, made me cry,
Made me wanna lay down my head and die…

Geoff Quinn reported from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco: “… a high school kid jumping on a dare from the end near to us, was picked up by surfers in the water: surviving …” Geoff commented to the topic bridge-jumpers: They say that a second after you jump you say, “actually my problems are not so bad…” frizz-feedback: but for some of us, there was a point of no return …

Chasing the Queen
title=”Chasing the Queen” – photo by Geoff Quinn, on Flickr

Fog and Wind

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