As a little boy, 60 years ago, I daily visited the PORSCHE automobile shop in our neighborhood, begged for some posters, even took place on the leather seats – and was quite sure, that once I would own a PORSCHE. Now, aged nearly 70, I realize: it will never be. The Porsches grew old like me it seems…
The Legacy of Ferry P.
title=”The Legacy of Ferry P.” – photo by MGness_, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter the photographer’s flickr photo-stream.
comment by ideflex (read below too):
Perhaps, but the music they make is not anywhere as sweet as yours! You are in good company though as I am still waiting for a sports car promised over forty years ago…
my reply:
thanks for your kind words about my guitar hobby, maybe you like my cover MERCEDES BENZ = my tribute to Janis Joplin and my LORD (I’m still waiting for an answer; Janis Joplin, on the other hand, drove a PORSCHE painted in a psychedelic manner, we don’t know what she’s riding up above in heaven now)

even my daughter supported my prayer in a church:

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