Writing Challenge: image vs. text

I was inspired by the dailypost challenge – DPchallenge – and the topic http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/writing-challenge-image-vs-text/: I’m trying to illustrate philosophy. Not easy. For example a fragment of “Minima Moralia“, written by my favorite philosopher Adorno. Maybe the pictures will be a support helping to start a reflection on how we walk: The quotation: “…free of the spell of heroically pacing, homeless wandering, breathless stampede. Human dignity insisted on the right to walk, a rhythm not extorted from the body by command or terror…”
the following pictures below were kindly sent to my group BLOG IT. Click on the images to enter the various galleries of the different photographers and artists:
1 – heroically pacing
Face 2 Face
title=”Face 2 Face” by Robbert van der Steeg
2 – homeless wandering
Red light district
title=”Red light district” by maistora
3 – breathless stampede
title=”Pamplona” by Baltasar Sanfermines
4 – human dignity
Pencil Vs Camera - 55
title=”Pencil Vs Camera” – 55 by Ben Heine
more related pictures by maistora (see above) = Vladimir Dimitroff:
5 – rhythm extorted from the body by command
Fast forward
title=”Fast forward” by maistora
6 – the right to walk (while listening to favorite music)
title=”Stride” by maistora, he comments: “Brisk walking, wide stride, music in my years… switched off from the world.. What world?”

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