Diamond Ring Blues

It’s a love story: a man makes a robbery, because his girl likes some diamonds. He was put into jail – and she said: “Sorry, but I can’t take your place” (searching for another guy?). A typical blues. Found various versions on youtube…
to all mothers ... you deserve more !
photo by Gina, Germany
The song on the one hand sometimes was called “Diamond Ring Blues” (for example by Brownie McGhee),
on the other hand some decades before the lyrics have been well known as the “BETTY & DUPREE” blues …
Betty told Dupree, “I want a diamond ring.” (2x)
Dupree told Betty, “l’Il give you most anything.”
He said, “Lie down, little Betty, see what tomorrow brings,” (2x)
It may bring sunshine, may bring you that diamond ring.”
Then he got his pistol, went to the jewelry store,(2x)
Killed a policeman and he wounded four or five more.
Then he went to the post office to get the evening mail (2x)
Sheriff caught poor Dupree and put him in that old Atlanta jail.
Dupree’s mother said to Betty, “Looka’ here what you done done.”(2x)
“Made my boy rob and steal, now he is gonna be hung”
Betty went to the jailhouse, she could not see Dupree (2x)
She told the jailer, “Tell him these words for me.”
“I come to see you, baby, I could not see your face.” (2x)
“You know I love you, but I cannot take your place.”
Sail on, sail on, sail on, Dupree, sail on. (2x)
You don’t mind sailing, you’ll be gone so doggone long.
found at youtube:
Brownie McGhee

1939 by Teddy Grace (female vocalist)

1956 Josh White

Lonnie DoneganSkiffle version

Will Fly, Guitar tutorials

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