A funny German road movie around a light blue BUICK oldtimer …

The main character “Fox” (actor: Peter Jordan, with glasses) is a cheerful joker. His serious job: to control cleanness of restaurants and if they offend against official hygiene regulations. He is a food controller from passion in Asia bars, chicken’s grills and snack booths in his native country Ditmarsh, Northern Germany. Nevertheless he dreams of higher job levels: Hamburg with its many bars and restaurants is precise the challenge, which his ambition needs.

Die Schimmelreiter, German road movie

Second member of the food controlling brigade is that stranded brother Tilmann (actor: Axel Prahl). This burnt down world stroller is frustrated, cynical, scurrilous. He abuses alcohol, smokes without end and tries with rough means, to fill his empty pockets with money. So Tilmann limits himself not on the role of the quiet companion. He interferes with the controls, aggravates the tone. What had planned by Fox as an unspectacular routine journey, develops for him straight to a trip as “Mr Clean” on account of arrogances together with the misanthrope Tilmann for an apocalyptic ride into the gastronomic abysses between the Elbe and the Kiel Canal. The official journey near the Northern coast of Germany becomes bit by bit a cryptic-witty road movie – with bone-dry humor …


though this is a road-movie in German language, you maybe can understand the humor, following the pictures of this short film trailer …

I like the light blue BUICK they are driving …

actors: Axel Prahl, Peter Jordan (with glasses), Katharina Wackernagel – movie by Lars Jessen (film director) and Ingo Haeb (script, story) – more at
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