Giancarlo Rado: a tribute to August Sander

The Italian photographer Giancarlo Rado has created remarkable portrait series titled “Italians” or “Die Deutschen”. Of course he has heard about the famous German photographer August Sander, a landmark in the history of photography. Giancarlo’s artwork is like doing the work of August Sander continuously in modern times too. The photographer from Treviso features the SOUL of the human beings in front of his camera, – not as usually nowadays: the fashion, the dresses …
9Italians10Die Deutschen
all ten photos by Giancarlo Rado
1 – Giancarlo Rado himself, he plays Arch Lute in a Vivaldi Ensemble
2 – Ilona, 16 years old, from Ukraine
3 – Livia, G. Rado’s daughter (portrait of a singer)
4 – Andrea Salvotti, diver
5 – Antonio Belluco, professore di basso tuba. Treviso, teatro Comunale
6 – Il violinista Daniele Brancaleoni
7 – Moreno Taufer, cook, Albergo “Al pin” Caoria, Trentino
8 – Lucrezia Ghilardi, student, sport: fencing
9 – Sisters Paolina, Alfrediana, Tommasita of Salesian order, Segusino
10- Junge mit Pickelhaube am Diözesanjungschützentag 2010 in Coesfeld

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