Anna Andres (Anna Guðmundsdottir) kindly sent her picture from this yellow house to my group BLOG IT with the title: “Árbæjarsafn – The Reykjavík City Museum”. No winter would bore me, if I had such a house – and a guitar, my wife, my cat, some books, colors for to paint pictures, internet connection, some bread and butter…
Árbæjarsafn - The Reykjavík City Museum . (Explored)
I wouldn’t need any Mercedes, though I like to sing, ironically, the song Janis Joplin performed on the last day of her life, in a studio. Instruments were not yet added.

It was irony too, that she sang, she were longing for a Mercedes. She had a Porsche with psychedelic graffiti waiting for her down on the street. And she had too much drugs. Better to live in a yellow house without any drugs, Porsche, Mercedes etc.

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