Pope Quits Job

maybe now a more modern religious leader has a chance to change retro focused church politics …
my comment at the SPIEGEL online [eng]: http://forum-international.spiegel.de/showthread.php?p=116251#post116251:
sexual abuse, ignorance vs. women, etc. … Catholic hospitals in Germany recently didn’t help a woman, who was a victim of a rape – (every life must grow and given birth, even if the origin was a rapist:) they are talking always vs. women, never vs. men; tolerating an British idiot “Pius” bishop [Opus Dei] who said there was no Holocaust… – I don’t need any pope no more …
take it with humor:
title=”Non c’è più religione” – upload by Gian Boy, click on the portrait to enter his galleries on Flickr [sent to my group BLOG IT!]
Non c'è più religione
“Lighting strikes the dome of the Basilica of St Peter’s in the Vatican, the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation – Picture: EPA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO”
Joseph Ratzinger will retire on February 28th; new pope after March 20th … more at http://world.time.com/2013/02/11/precedents-for-papal-resignations/ or via:

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