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Once we had a helicopter ride over Manhattan – I’ll never forget that view [photo 1 below]! But of course other photographers took breath-taking shots too, introducing the world of helicopters: So Ben Visbeek, also watching the twin towers [2] in Manhattan or “sOulsurfing”: Coastguard Rescue Helicopters at the Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight [3]; DVIDSHUB [4] and Defence Images [5] featured military equipment, Stewie1980 a Dutch trauma-helicopter. Maybe the most famous experiment created the photographer Andreas Feininger in Manhattan 1949, [7]: “light-tipped rotor blades of a helicopter as it takes off into the dark sky” [TIME / LIFE]! The great, latest absurd development to bring the heli topic up-to-date [8]:
All following 6 photos below were sent to my group BLOG IT: click on the images to enter the galleries of the different photographers!
“East River + Queensboro Bridge / heli-flight” – photo by Frizztext
East River + Queensboro Bridge / heli-flight
title=”The world changed since 9/11″ – photo by Ben Visbeek
The world changed since 9/11
“Coastguard Rescue Helicopter” photo by s0ulsurfing / Jason Swain
Coastguard Rescue Helicopter (Whiskey Bravo) - Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight
“Snapshots of Task Force Brawler” – Image by DVIDSHUB
Snapshots of Task Force Brawler [Image 3 of 3]
“Harriers Leave HMS Ark Royal For Final Time” – photo by Defence Images
Harriers Leave HMS Ark Royal For Final Time
“Traumahelikopter” – photo by Stewie1980 / Lars, Nijmegen, Netherlands
related link: Andreas Feininger 1949, “Slinky-like pattern produced by light-tipped rotor blades of a helicopter as it takes off into the dark sky”
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