Languages are frames for a lifestyle

“One can easily imagine a language consisting only of orders and messages in battle,

or a language consisting only of questions and an expression of affirmation and negation.

And countless others. To imagine a language means to imagine a life form.

Quotation (translated by frizztext), introducing Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951), Austrian-born philosopher, professorship in philosophy at the University of Cambridge (1939 – 1947); he had times of service in the military, as well as a primary teacher, was a son of rich parents, gave away all his money, liked to be a poor writer, or enjoyed to be a man, who liked to fall into deep silence, avoiding any words at all …
End of the Arirang mass game - Pyongyang North Korea

End of the Arirang mass game – Pyongyang North Korea
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DDR Luftwaffe Lim-5 Gatow
DDR Luftwaffe Lim-5 Gatow
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“Man kann sich leicht eine Sprache vorstellen, die nur aus Befehlen und Meldungen in der Schlacht besteht, oder eine Sprache, die nur aus Fragen besteht und einem Ausdruck der Bejahung und Verneinung. Und unzählige andere. Eine Sprache vorstellen heißt, sich eine Lebensform vorstellen.”

via Wittgenstein (de) « frizztext – little essays.

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