Geoff Quinn – testimonial

“More than 45.000 people already have viewed Geoff’s photo of the Queen Mary 2, passing the Golden Gate Bridge — and I am sure, this picture would fit well on many walls of some San Francisco Bay living rooms. But not only spectacular seascapes are created by Geoff, I’m impressed by his portraits too, done with humanity; I think it is a great honor, to be portrayed by such a sensible artist, surely a congenial mind compared with Freda Koblick, a sculptor and painter, one of his adorable contacts and portrait-topics (living in a converted synagogue). The friendship with her brought him to notice instantly the famous photographers Cunningham or Ansel Adams. A photographer has to be open minded. We feel this, when we discover his series taken on the Mount Saint Helens, but even more, when he WRITES comments to images. My heart was touched when I read his pelican-statement for “Lost Patrol in for the night”: “I happen to adore Pelicans. I think it comes from growing up in La Jolla, California, where every kid surfed, or body surfed or in some way hung out in the water long enough to see these guys gliding in formation along the waves, catching the updraft along the wave face, wingtips just kissing the rising water. And just before calamity, before the wave would break, they would pop up and dip down to the next line of rising swell, dignity intact. They are fluid until they spot a fish and then all elegance is lost as they flip over and hit the water in what can only be called an ungainly and crash. They come up with a fish every time though and dignity is preserved.” — My last comment: Geoff seems to catch photos alike the pelicans a fish: with dignity: I hope soon we can read some more testimonials with the topic: Geoff Quinn…”

Chasing the Queen

I’ve used several photos of Geoff Quinn (by his kind permission) for some of my articles:

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