Winter In Amsterdam by Ben Visbeek

Ben Visbeek is a very popular, let’s say famous photographer in the flickr community. I’ve introduced his work several times in my blog, for example featuring the topics luxury (2010) or “enjoying water” (2011), dutch-painters-revived (2012) or lesson-for-modern-architecture” (2011) or existentialism (2011), testimonial for Ben Visbeek (2011) or the milk-cow-blues-boogie etc. – actually I’m excited by the tableau he composed, featuring my favorite city in Europe: Amsterdam!
Winter in Amsterdam
poster by Ben Visbeek, Amsterdam; click on the picture to enter his galleries on – or visit the different photos via the links below (maybe you like to comment, which of them is your most interesting shot):
1. centre The frosty Bloemgracht of Amsterdam,
2. top left Amsterdam covered by icing,
3. An early morning winter treat in Amsterdam,
4. If winter comes, can spring be far behind?,
5. You can’t get too much winter in the winter,
6. Reliving childhood memories when building a snowman,
7. Softly silent snow settles in the heart of Amsterdam,
8. Step by step crossing the slippery Lekkersluis bridge,
9.Nothing burns like the cold,
10. De blauwe vioolspeler midden in de winter,
11. Winter blossom,
12.Golden winter glow at the Leliegracht,
13. Best view on the Westerkerk from the houseboats.
my favorite shot: no. 13 – and yours?
Best view on the Westerkerk from the houseboats

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