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= Eddie McHugh, his website: the cliff walk

ironic comment
by the photographer himself:

We be big flag wavers over here,
‘specially before we invade
small foreign countries

would you like to present the flag of your country?
outside, publicly, as a graffiti on door, on a wall, on a car?
yes / no / only for specific events:


3 images by frizztext:
E = Eagle (on Samuel Huntington)+Happy Independence Day!


Old glory +born in the usa
1) title=”Old glory” by DIDS’ ————– 2) title=”born in the usa” by david haggard
the 7 dwarves' cottage+Germany or Belgium, that's always the question!
3) title=”the 7 dwarves’ cottage” + 4) title=”Germany or Belgium, that’s always the question!”

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