Searching for a header photo – POLL

If you would be the art director – which photo would you choose as a header of my music page?

  • 1 with banjo
  • 2 with e-guitar
  • 3 with Gypsy guitar
  • 4 color, with cat
  • 5 color, no cat no blur = with tripod

1 – with banjo
2 – with e-guitar
3 – with Gypsy guitar
the cat is always by my side, especially since we have a bench made out of an old fisher boat, the wood is still smelling like fish
music below: blues harp player Gernot supported for a jam session me, fingerpicking my electric guitar…

poll (so far):

12 for the banjo

HANNI comments: “definitely number 1 – with banjo. Light and shadow are best there and you can also clearly see the cat and that your laughing”
Laura Bloomsbury: “the inclusion of Captain cat is your trademark…”

3 for the e-guitar

ALLAN: “I vote for #2 with the E Guitar (and just a touch more light on the kitty)”
GILLY: “I would say the E guitar image fits where you are right now – I like its mystery!

0 votes for the Gypsy guitar


2 votes (color, comments below): captain Kitty

Patti: I like the vibrance

1 vote (color, comments below): no blur = tripod

Isadora writes: I think # 5 is a bit too serious. The one with the cat in it creates a humanness to the pix.

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