Sex And Power

photo SLAVE TO LOVE by Tuxedofeline
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Dominique Strauss-Kahn, that’s a not enough criticized combination between political power and absurd sexual goals. I hope, that women’s liberation and systems of law in several countries will start a little evolution towards more respect between the genders. There are different levels of moral in France and the United States, in Italy or Iran, in Sweden and in India. We are getting global. The lawyers, macho actors (and victims) should realize that. Maybe Paris would not have act with the same methods as New York. But there has to start a dialog between those different ethics …
names, related to Strauss-Kahn’s womanizing: Anne Mansouret, Tristane Banon, Emmanuel Pierrat (lawyer), Piroska Nagy, Aurelie Filipetti, Anne Sinclair (third wife), Brigitte Guillemette (second wife), Hélène Dumas (first wife), etc.? more at -strauss-kahn-list-of-women
maybe you are interested to read the book of my correspondence in Calcutta, the female writer and women’s liberation activist Rita Banerji via Rita Banerji: “SEX AND POWER”

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