Blind Willie Johnson

John Bodi is an inspiring pianist but also he plays perfectly acoustic slide guitar like Blind Willie Johnson did, the father of the blues guitar. I was glad to add my vocals to his instrumental version of “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

On board of the space shuttle Voyager a song by Blind Willie Johnson is hurtling through space – in addition to other products explaining what humanity is. An opportunity to make a picture of this singer – and of the society that surrounded him. The title of his song raging through space: DARK WAS THE NIGHT AND COLD THE GROUND; it refers to the burial of Jesus – but fits after all that we know, unfortunately, exactly on Blind Willie Johnson’s own sad end: he froze to death in the ruins of his lighted, burned down house, after he had been rejected by a hospital to receive help against an acute pulmonary inflammation (because he was black). It can not be wrong to spread the story of Blind Willie Johnson in all the worlds beyond. It is hoped that the US-NASA did this in a self-critical attitude, not only wanting to tell little green Martians something about the Christian Bible, hoping, that some new planets could baptized and feel themselves as a colony of the United States, God’s own country.

Roberto Luti / Playing For Change movement, performing “Dark was the night, cold was the ground” by Blind William Johnson:

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