antique desktop machine is gone

The old antique desktop PC machine is gone. Mobile, wireless lan, not tied to table and cable: start a new lifestyle! I had a dispute recently at inspirationfeed:
ultrabook 027
I wrote: “I like to sit in an armchair or a comfortable sofa while writing my essays; I like to sit in the garden, if the weather is fine; my body feels free now without the old desktop station, I can change my position, I can change the room where I work every 15 minutes, thanks IT industry, times are changing …”
ultrabook 030
– then I got some angry feedbacks by desktop lovers and had to add: “I know, I’m satisfied with my ultra book because I’m only a blogger with a daily post – I’m not a designer, software developer, photo shop specialist; but my body is very happy with that wireless lan working everywhere in my house – I’m no more fixed like a prisoner, tied to the table…”
outdoor meeting
thanks inspirationfeed, you inspired me to post some photos featuring me working in my empty bureau with ultra book – after table and cable and the whole antique desktop PC and the uncomfortable chair had to say bye-bye
below: before a friend gave me his old Commodore 64 I typed without world wide web = boring!
and who of us is still able to read handwritten essays?
G. C. Lichtenberg

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