Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY (June 1st 2012 = Cat Patrol)
photo for the “weekly photo challenge” community of dailypost / wordpress – picture was shot by FrizzText, click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…
P.S.: In other cities the POPE arrives or a celebrity was seen, at least the fire department had a job – in my little hometown there is only to watch the daily cat patrol …
by the way: even, if my wife and me try to shoot a self portrait using a mirror:
our cat disturbes with her daily control!
self-portrait (disturbed)

feel free to add in the comments the link to your own interpretation of this week’s topic TODAY

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    thank you, Eliz, for your snapshot series of the friendly people posing for your TODAY photo – in the bakery, the store, the barber (who rocked his animal print customer cover) – could only be highlighted by the friendly smile of your cat Tangy on top of the container…
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    if the water of the East River (Manhattan) comes up to the 17th floor “windagainstcurrent” knows how to escape!
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