After that apocalypse in Japan: it’s the end of music for me…

[A day on the Yamanote line]
– Osaki – 08:22 – originally uploaded by
fabuchan = Fabrizio Q., London, U.K.

After that apocalypse in Japan, it’s the end of music for me. After 9/11 in the year 2001 I started to criticize religious fundamentalism, which can grow to hate and blind violence. After that was happened  on Friday the  11th of March 2011 now to Japan: I lost my enthusiastic passion for music. That seems to be silly now for me. Maybe even colors. Thanks to “fabuchan”, who sent his black and white photo of a subway in JAPAN to my group BLOG IT! [160yen – A day on the Yamanote line – Osaki Station – 08:22 – Rush hour]. Maybe I even become religious again and pray …


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