In three months 67 years have gone since I was born 1945 in this Germany. Thanks, that some things have changed in the meantime … – those were no good times, in 1945, when I was born. Three weeks after my birth I was given into an orphanage. The survival chances of children in care was 5 percent. In this respect I’ve had a bad start. But things are getting much better every decade …
Cologne Cathedral During WWII
title=”Cologne Cathedral During WWII” by The Rocketeer / Kevin Trotman, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr – Kevin Trotman’s comment: “I found this photo along with 19 others tucked inside a book that was sold for $1 at a library booksale, where people donated books for the sale. I’m sure the original owner didn’t realize that these photos were left inside.”

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