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Goya painted his model in two versions: one naked, the other one dressed: because of course he at first had many opponents. There was a fear to show nudity public. +
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The Naked Maja (c. 1800–1803) by Francisco de Goya – Goya painted his model in two versions: one naked, the other one dressed: because of course he at first had many opponents. There was a fear to show nudity public. Also Amadeo Modigliani at first had some trouble …

Amadeo Modigliani, Symbolism and Expressionism...

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What Modigliani painted – or Brancusi-like (lung disease despite) sculpted – is kept in the museums of our world like private religious shrines. Not only the famous lying and sitting nude acts shortly before his death in 1920, but also the many small portraits of previous studies. His style of development is more influenced by the Renaissance or African art, not influenced by the then current Cubism.

Bohemians have always to die aged 35? “You do not live until you really know you’re alive.” The Modigliani-quote is not only a tautology, but one would also know that the artist is consumed with all the fervor, perhaps exhausted too early. Not only to the love, even the drugs he was said to be fond of. Not because of a deliberate development of an art-theory artist within a clique (like many of his contemporaries) Modigliani went to work but: In the center of his work was his humanity, his erotic feelings, which he tried to express authentically, obeying no fashion sought.

This was probably not without any conflicts and strong, disturbing emotions: His young companion Jeanne Hébuterne, though pregnant, made suicide. Just only one day after his far too early death of tuberculosis. I would have wished, that they both lived longer, loving each other …
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Was Modigliani malte (oder Brancusi-ähnlich trotz Lungenkrankheit bildhauerte) ist in den Museen unserer Welt wie Heiligtümer einer privaten Religion aufbewahrt. Nicht nur die berühmten liegenden und sitzenden Akte kurz vor seinem Tode 1920, sondern auch die vielen kleinen vorhergehenden Porträt-Studien. Seine Stilentwicklung zeigt sich mehr beeinflusst von der Renaissance oder afrikanischer Kunst, keinesfalls jedoch vom damals aktuellen Kubismus.

Müssen Bohemiens immer mit 35 sterben? “Du lebst nicht, bis du genau weißt, dass du lebst.” Dieses Modigliani-Zitat ist nicht nur tautologisch, sondern lässt ahnen, dass der Maler mit aller Inbrunst sich verzehrt, vielleicht zu früh aufgezehrt hat. Nicht nur der Liebe, auch den Drogen soll er zugetan gewesen sein. Nicht wegen einer gewollten Weiterentwicklung einer Kunst-Theorie innerhalb einer Künstler-Clique (wie manche seiner Zeitgenossen) begab sich Modigliani also ans Werk: Im zentrum seines Schaffens stand sein menschliches, sein erotisches Empfinden, das er authentisch, keiner Mode folgend, auszudrücken suchte.

Dies ging wohl alles nicht konfliktlos, emotionslos zu: Seine junge Lebensgefährtin Jeanne Hébuterne nahm sich hochschwanger das Leben. Einen Tag nach seinem viel zu frühen Tuberkulose-Tod. Man hätte den beiden wahrlich ein längeres Zusammensein gewünscht…
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the British model Kate Moss is seen posing seductively in a recreated shot of artist Edouard Manet’s famous Olympia pose for the artwork… more at: Model Kate Moss Quick To Agree To Bryan Ferry Album Artwork
a new day begins
“my favorite hometown restaurant” by Frizztext, on Flickr – on the wall a replica of Édouard Manet, title: OLYMPIA, 1863
the waitress is cleaning the blackboard to write the new meals of today; I’m sitting (on the right side) just below Edouard Manet’s big painting “OLYMPIA” (1863) – read or view the complete painting at,_Edouard_-_Olympia,_186…

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but the artists gave permission,
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Sakwut Sansaneeyashewin
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