No more oil from Gaddafi

Oil, nuclear poweror wind power, sunlight energy?

waves of bicycles
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Oil, nuclear power – or wind power, sunlight energy? The decisions of politicians are framing the lifestyle of the whole nation’s population: risky nuclear power in Japan – and the catastrophe we are all watching these days. Oil from Arabian dictators?

Berlusconi is proud to have an underwater oil pipeline from Libya to Sicily. (And he has an affair with Gaddafi‘s daughter.)

Sarkozy sold many Mirage and Rafale warplanes to Gaddafi before he decided, to attack him with the same jets.

Europe, Brussels, made a billion $ deal with Gaddafi to block African immigrants who try to reach Europe via Lampedusa. And Germany sold mustard gas to Gaddafi, to give him a chance to kill. Whom?

Energy decisions make us to slaves of dictators and other oil-kings. Nuclear power, from Chernobyl to Fukushima is much more expensive than some windmills, sun collectors. There are nations, who consider what to do. The Netherlands for example. To drive a bicycle is a chance, not to become one of Gaddafi’s servile friends.


wind farm near Magdeburg
title=”wind farm near Magdeburg”
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