Nuages – dreaming with the clouds

Often I sit watching clouds flow by. I imagine I could join them like a train, a ship or a plane. Especially if they come from the West going to the East, I am longing for to follow them: to my roots, where my mother lived: in Poland.

The wonderful jazz composition NUAGES = CLOUDS = WOLKEN by the legendary Gypsy artist Django Reinhardt always helps me to imagine, that I could join the clouds on their journey to Poland, to that little lake, where my mother once was born: near Stettin, Stargard, Kallies, Dramburg, Gutsdorf = CYBOWO -maybe these cities and villages – or their names – do not exist anymore; the name of the little lake, where she dreamed to escape towards the West, was ANKROW lake – I should try to search via google, I’ve never been there…

modern top guitarist Tommy Emmanuel:

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