Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

At first, please, let me play YESTERDAY on my acoustic guitar, to dig for the right mood:

I like this VOLKSWAGEN replica, because it helps me to activate some funny memories: as I helped my mother to learn car driving (we landed upside down in a small lake, deep in the forest)…
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comment by Julie Alicea: My father would only buy these cars and there were 5 of us who would have to stuff ourselves into that car. and to make matters worse he loved to travel, we travelled all over Europe in that little car and then he brought it to Puerto Rico and we travelled all over the island in it, then we moved to the USA and travelled in almost every state in the union stuffed like sardines in that car. My sister and I had an imaginary line in the back seat where she was not allowed to cross and vice versa, and if she put one finger on my side we would start fighting like cats and dogs in the back of the VW, imagine that with 5 people in it!
comment by “stumbleon”: My father had a 1954 VW with a split rear window like yours. Then I had a 1971 VW which I loved. I even lived in it for a while.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic
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