New Orleans – part of US-identity

[this is my blog post no. 1000] – Hurricane Isaac was friendly this time to New Orleans (not so to the surrounding towns). Of course one cannot forget the days of Katrina. So much was destroyed! But New Orleans seems to be (for me, not for you?) an important fragment of US-identity – or not? Should be damned like Las Vegas? Are there differents in the opinion between Republicans and Democrats? A question from Europe. My tribute to a certain New Orleans feeling: fingerpicking on my guitar “The House Of The Rising Sun“…
Mardi Gras New Orleans
title=”Mardi Gras New Orleans” – photo by Ray Devlin, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr …
me on my acoustic guitar, trying to make a little tribute to the “HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN” – far away from Leadbelly or the genius Tommy Emmanuel – I hope you like my primitive minimalism nevertheless:

if you have time for my youtube video, featuring the same song in the second time very fast, nearly Gypsy swing, isn’t it?

now the breathtaking version by Tommy Emmanuel:


this is my blog post no. 1000! I’ve started 23rd December 2010… thanks for following my daily ideas!
actually I’m trying to learn a better fingerstyle picking on my acoustic guitar, watch my ongoing soundcloud content:

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